RDC Suspends Busia Boda-boda Leaders Over Alleged Extortion

The angry boda-boda riders who protested were from Busia and Namayingo districts. They accused leaders of Busia joint motorcycle boda-boda rider’s association- BJMBA of routinely extorting cash from them and making unnecessary arrests as well.
boda-boda riders at RDC's office

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Several Motorcycle boda-boda riders on Wednesday afternoon stormed the offices of Busia resident district commissioners- RDC in protest against alleged extortion of money by their own leaders.

The angry boda-boda riders were from Busia and Namayingo districts. They accused leaders of Busia joint motorcycle boda-boda rider’s association- BJMBA for incessantly extorting from them money - between 20,000 Shillings and  30,000 Shillings and making unnecessary arrests as well.

They stormed RDC’s office seeking justice and intervention against the acts that have frustrated their businesses in Busia town.

They singled out one Joseph Ojambo, the chairman BJMBA and seven other members of the association for manning road blocks along Busia-Majanji road, where the allege extortion of money and impounding motorcycles take place in disguise to enforce presidential directives against spread of Covid-19.

Joseph Ojambo, the chairman BJMBA admitted that they only charge said monies on boda-boda riders who flouts presidential directives that prohibit carrying more than one passenger.

They only impound motorcycles of those without a helmet and those carried two to three passengers, he said.

He says the the real conflict is over his insistence on ensuring all boda-boda riders observe guidelines issued during previous presidential address.

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Patrick Bwire and Fred Ojambo, motorcycle boda-boda riders in Busia town say that the unlawful road blocks by BJMBA leaders are driving them out of business in the area because they spend most of times in running battles with their own leaders.

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Daniel Mande, says that the accused chairman last week impounded his motorcycle and tasked him to pay 30,000 shillings from which he has never got a receipt to date. They want the leadership of BJMBA to give them accountability of the money they have been extorting.

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Abdul Hakim Kosa, another cyclist from Namayingo says that Busia town has become a hot spot for stealing their motorcycle claiming that his three colleagues lost theirs in the confusion of unlawful operation by leaders.

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Mathew Tusubira, the Busia deputy resident district commissioner -RDC while addressing the boda-boda riders at his office, condemned the act and suspended all the boda-boda leaderships for impounding and arresting boda-boda riders,  instructed all the cyclists to re-register at their stages within one month so that they can conduct elections of new  boda-boda leaders.

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