Residents Block Water Project Pending Older Road Compensation

Allan Sempewa, the UNRA spokesperson says that they have financial challenges causing delays. He appealed to residents stay calm as whoever was valued and assessed during the road project will soon get money.
Some of Residents in Majanji Sub-county damanding compensation

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Over 200 residents in Busia district whose lands were 'encroached' on during the construction of 104 Kilometers Musita- Lumino-Majanji-Busia road have complained over delayed compensation by Uganda National Roads Authority -UNRA.

The  207 billion Shillings road project was undertaken by UNRA and contracted to a Chinese company China Railway 18th Bureau Group CO. Ltd. It was commissioned by President Yoweri Museveni in December 2020.

Residents demanding compensation are in three villages of Majanji ‘B’, Namundiri ‘A’ and Bulwande’A’ in Majanji parish, Majanji sub-county. Their lands were encroached on by a stretch of 2 kilometers part of the road from Majanji trading center to Lumino town council.

According to residents, several properties like crop gardens, orchards, buildings and tree plantations were destroyed during the road construction.

On Monday they blocked construction of the 50 billion shillings water project which is from Majanji  to Busia town by denying constructors access to lay water pipes on their land. The water pipes are supposed to passes on the lands along the roadsides. The residents say, they can’t allow any other project on their land until they are cleared by UNRA.

One of the water project officers who preferred anonymity says they were blocked by residents from sketching the water pipelines and they left 2 kilometers on the road sides where there are issues and proceeded.

Allan Sempebwa, the UNRA spokesperson says that they have challenges of  financial delays. He appealed to residents to stay calm as whoever was valued and assessed during the road project will soon get money.

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Suzan Anyango, a resident of Manjanji B village says that she lost eucalyptus trees, a cassava garden and passion fruits that were destroyed on  her 50X100 plot encroached on by UNRA during the road constructions.  

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Nicolas Omubende, another resident says that UNRA encroached on his 70X100 land and destroyed cassava garden, trees and banana plants. He is surprised that the road was commissioned last year and UNRA has not issued any document to indicate that they will be compensated. Omubende says he can’t allow any other project on his land.

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Rajab Siraji, the L.C.1 chairman Bulwande A village says that over 80 residents in the area whose lands and properties got affected were neither valued nor assessed. Siraji says UNRA didn’t involve them during the valuation processes.

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Moses Bwire, the L.C.2 chairman Majanji parish who is also affected by the road project says their decision to block water project on their land is to demand for compensation by UNRA. They shall allow the project to proceed after getting their money.

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