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UBTEB Records Increase in Candidate Numbers :: Uganda Radionetwork

UBTEB Records Increase in Candidate Numbers

According to records, there has been a notable increase of 58.6%, with the number rising from 64,387 candidates in the July-August series to 102,132 candidates.
17 Nov 2023 16:51
Onesmus Oyesigye, the Executive Secretary of UBTEB.

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The Uganda Business and Technical Examinations Board (UBTEB) has reported a remarkable surge in the number of registered candidates for the November-December 2023 assessment series.

According to records, there has been a notable increase of 58.6%, with the number rising from 64,387 candidates in the July-August series to 102,132 candidates.

“This is the highest number of candidates registered. this is a positive growth in the number of candidates that enroll for TVET institutions in Uganda. the girl child numbers have (also) continued to show a positive trend,” a statement from UBTEB reads in part.

The Deputy Executive Secretary of UBTEB, Dr. Wilfred Nahamya, attributed the substantial increase in candidate numbers to three primary factors. First, he pointed to sector reforms introducing modularized assessments, allowing students to engage in flexible learning.

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In 2022, UBTEB implemented modular assessments, enabling learners to progress at their own pace and return to complete additional modules when they are ready, even after entering the workforce. Successful completion of each module results in the award of a certificate of competence in the specific skill trained.

Additionally, Dr. Nahamya highlighted the Ministry of Education's introduction of a decentralized admission system, bringing admission to TVET institutions closer to regions. 

This has made TVET education more popular, especially compared to the previous centralized system based in Kampala, which had limited interest.

Dr. Nahamya also noted a growing appreciation for TVET courses, which were previously perceived as options for students who did not excel academically. He sees this as a positive shift in perspective, with parents and children now prioritizing skills over academic qualifications. 

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Onesimus Oyesigye, the UBTEB Executive Secretary, announced that the registered candidates will be taking their November-December 2023 assessments in two phases. The first phase is set to commence on November 20, and the second group will initiate their examinations on December 1, 2023.

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In a bid to enhance inclusive education, the board has registered a total of 481 candidates with special needs pursuing various TVET professions. Ninety-five of these candidates will require special attention, including extra time and support personnel to assist them during their respective assessments.

To ensure the vigilance and security of the examinations, the board has deployed 750 reconnaissance personnel for all phases of the examinations. Given the practical and hands-on assessment of some modules, they have also deployed 2,685 practice assessors and verifiers to conduct on-the-spot assessments of candidates in all respective fields of study.    


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