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Police Probe Two Murders in Nansana :: Uganda Radionetwork

Police Probe Two Murders in Nansana

The two killings of unidentified people happened in Jembe zone and Gganda Kawuwa.
Crime scene ribbon. UPF
Police in Nansana Municipality have started investigations to establish the circumstances under which two people were killed in the wee hours of Thursday morning. The two killings of unidentified people happened in Jembe zone and Gganda Kawuwa.

The first body was discovered by locals dumped behind rentals in Jembe and it was covered with a blanket. Detectives said the body was found lying facing the ground with deep cuts around both arms and the face around the left cheek.

“The body was looking fresh with multiple injuries. No blood was found at the scene. The deceased is suspected to have been sexually abused before killing her. It was established that the deceased was carried from somewhere and dumped at the scene,” detectives said. 

However, police are yet to establish the motive for killing the woman who was estimated to be aged 22. 

In Gganda Kawuwa residents discovered a body of a man suspected to have been killed by a gang in the night hours.

Patrick Onyango the Kampala Metropolitan Police Spokesperson confirmed the two murders reported in Nansana Municipality, Wakiso District. Onyango said police took the two bodies to Mulago Hospital for a postmortem as investigations proceed.

“The scenes were thoroughly examined and documented. Police observed that the deceased were not known in the area. The woman's body was lying behind rentals in Jembe while the body of a man was found lying in a water trench while facing upward with injuries on the head, face, and right hand,” SSP Onyango said.  

Police suspect that the man was probably among thieves who waylay people going to work in the morning and also rape women who move late in the night. It is suspected that the man was killed by the mob when he attempted to commit a crime on people walking in the morning.

“It is also observed that the man was aged between 30 to 40yrs and beside the body there was a panga, a black pant, knickers for a lady, and one testicle was removed. Investigation into the matter continues,” Onyango said.

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