DP to Undertake Major Constitutional Ammendments

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Among the proposals according Muyizi include adopting the DP Parliamentary Chief Whip as a direct member to the party’s National Executive Committee NEC, introduction of specific Women and Youth Delegates Conferences, and introduction of councils for Special Interest groups.
Democratic Party-DP Legal Advisor Samuel Muyizi, who is leading the processes to amemd party constitution

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Democratic Party-DP has started consulting members on the proposed constitutional ammendments with the aim of harmonising leadership within the party structures. 

Samuel Muyizi, the DP Legal Advisor says they are currently consulting party members on a cocktail of proposed constitutional amendments before they table them before the relevant party platforms for discussion and possible adoption.       

Among the proposals is to adopt the DP Chief Whip as a direct member to the National Executive Committee NEC, introduction of specific Women and Youth Delegates Conferences, and councils for Special Interest groups. Others include the abolition of the National DP Vice President and place his powers under the regional Vice Presidents. 

Muyizi explains that although the party constitution has provisions to elect regional vice presidents, their powers are usurped by office the National Vice Chairperson who also currently assumes executive powers almost equivalent to the party President General.   

He also says they intend to extend the term of party leaders to at least four years from the current one year, which has proved unsustainable in the current circumstances.

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Muyizzi says the other proposals generated by members and the DP legal department includes formal institution of an Elders’ Council to mediate internal party disputes as well as changing the principal of the Party President automatically becoming the official Presidential flag candidate in general elections.  

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The DP constitution, which was written in 1952, was last amended in 2015 when the National Executive Council sought to remove provisions that barred them from supporting a joint opposition candidate.  

Robina Ssentongo, the Kyotera District Woman Member of Parliament wants the party to start for special interest group election even before the proposed amendments are adopted such that they can also have a share on the national representation. 

She says that party has previously failed to field candidates for Youths and PWD parliamentary elections due to lack of functional councils. The proposed amendments will be discussed in the forthcoming DP National delegate’s conference ahead of the next general elections.