Ebola Outbreak: Mubende Authorities Set Up Facilities, Restrictions

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According to Dr. Batibwa, following the confirmation of the outbreak of Ebola, they started mobilizing a team to prepare for the treatment of Ebola patients and revive the isolation center.
A medical worker with spray equipment for disinfecting people at the hospital before entering

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People visiting Mubende Regional Referral Hospital for treatment or any other services will go through screening as part of the measure to mitigate the spread of the Ebola virus.

The Hospital Director, Dr. Paul Emmanuel Batiibwa, says that they intend to erect a tent at the main entrance of the hospital with medical personnel to screen everyone before they are allowed and disinfect those leaving the facility.

He says that arrangements are also underway to set up an isolation facility that can admit and treat more than 50 patients. According to Dr. Batibwa, following the confirmation of the outbreak of Ebola, they started mobilizing a team to prepare for the treatment of Ebola patients and revive the isolation center. 

He, however, says that the isolation center only has 10 beds and lacks several pieces of equipment.

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He also revealed that they have appealed to the Ministry of Health for more medical personnel to beef up the thin team in Mubende handling the treatment of the Ebola patients.  According to Dr. Batiibwa, there is fear among the medical personnel and the community at the hospital but they are working to follow the guidelines to avoid contracting the disease. 

He says that they have also sent out appeals to the different stakeholders and received an Ebola kit that is being used by the surveillance team to track down patients and their contacts in the communities.  He advised community members to always seek early medical attention and ensure they take in sufficient amounts of fluid and food to save them from being affected negatively.       

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Mubende Resident District Commissioner– RDC Rosemary Byabashaija that because of the fear of spreading the virus, they have halted meetings organized by local leaders to meet the residents. 

She says that they have directed all places that attract many people to stop their operations to avoid congestion as a mitigation measure against the spread of the disease.  Byabashaija also revealed that they have established a police post in the gold mining areas like Kiruma Sub County and will deploy more personnel to increase security and stop unnecessary movements and congestion. 

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Byashaija also notes that they have set up a logistics committee that is charged with ensuring the steady supply of PEPs like disinfectants, overalls, ad gloves among others.    

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