Loss of Contact, Poor Housing Affect Homebased Care For COVID-19 Patients in Luwero

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Dr. Innocent Nkonwa, the Luwero District Health Officer reveals that they have lost contact with some COVID-19 patients mostly students following the closure of schools.
15 Jun 2021 07:15
Luwero hospital where seven COVID 19 patients are under isolation

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Loss of contact and poor housing facilities have affected the strategy by Luwero district to provide home-based care to COVID 19 patients as cases surge in the area. Luwero district has so far registered 119 COVID-19 in the community cases as the second wave ravages the district. 

However, 30 of these have since recovered, seven are in isolation at the treatment facility at Luwero hospital while two have died. About 80 COVID 19 patients with mild symptoms were asked to self-isolate in their homes after receiving initial treatment. 

Dr.  Innocent Nkonwa, the Luwero District Health Officer reveals that they have lost contact with some COVID-19 patients mostly students following the closure of schools. Dr. Nkonwa says that the students, whose number he declined to reveal, were diagnosed with COVID- 19 and isolated within their schools for treatment.

He reveals that they asked headteachers to disclose to parents of the affected students their COVID-19 status and link them up with the nearby hospitals for further management, as well as assessment, something they are not sure, was done or not.

Dr. Nkonwa also says that other COVID-19 cases also disappeared after getting the initial treatment and may end up mixing with other people, which may fuel infection. As result, Nkonwa says that they have started alerting local leaders on each patient they send home for self-isolation to ensure they follow them up to prevent them from spreading the virus within the community.

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Chris Johns Buwembo, the Luwero town council LC 3 Chairperson says that the majority of the people in town occupy single or two-room apartments, which makes it difficult for people to self-isolate in their home. Buwembo asked the hospital to ensure people in such housing facilities are isolated at Luwero hospital to ensure the virus doesn’t spread.

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Namugera Nkokonyole, the LC 1 Chairperson of Kakookolo zone in Luwero town council has asked the district to revamp Village Health Teams so that they can follow up on COVID-19 patients and give timely updates to the hospital in case of any breach of the guidelines.

According to the Ministry of Health guidelines, asymptomatic patients who have clinically been found positive for the virus are expected to self-isolate in their homes for 14 days. The cumulative confirmed COVID 19 cases in the country are 63,099. 434 patients have died across the country.

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