Namisindwa Officials Abandon Office Over Looming Protest

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Namisidwa District Police Commander, Livingstone Ssendikadiwa defended the deployment, saying it was meant to prevent chaos at the district headquarters.
16 Jul 2019 16:28
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Most employees of Namisindwa district stayed away from office on Monday fearing a demonstration by residents protesting anomalies in the recent recruitment drive.  

It came after a group of anti-corruption crusaders started mobilising residents to storm the district headquarters to express their dissatisfaction with the recruitment process and demand the resignation of the District Service Commission and LC V Chairperson, George William Wopuwa for alleged corruption. 


The activists claim that the District Service Commission members solicited bribes from applicants in exchange for jobs. Because of the fear of being attacked by the protesters, several district officials stayed away on Monday.  

Offices including that of procurement, production, natural resources and health department were abandoned for the entire day.

In the CAO’s office only his secretary was present. There was tight and heavy police deployment in Bupoto trading Centre and all entry points leading to the district headquarters.  

The officers searched whoever wanted to access the district headquarters and asked the purpose of their visit.  Those who entered the district and appeared to be lousing around the compound were asked to leave.  

The police officers also impounded the motorcycle of the district education officer who they suspected to be among the protesters. 

Namisidwa District Police Commander, Livingstone Ssendikadiwa defended the deployment, saying it was meant to prevent chaos at the district headquarters. 

Ssendikadiwa said they had received information that some people were planning to storm the headquarters and vandalize property. 

Our reporter overheard some causal workers wondering what had happened at the district headquarters because of the absence of civil servants. 

“At this time there are no people in office!! It looks like it’s the district has turned into a private property to be heavily guarded by police” one of the causal workers said. 

A security officer who was guarding the premises was also heard lamenting as they were being used to protect perpetrators of bribery yet they ate their money alone. 

“These people are making us suffer for nothing. We were not there when they ate their bribes now they want us to protect them against the angry residents who paid them money,” he said.


George William Wopuwa, the Namisindwa District chairperson, defended the absence of the civil servants, saying they were scared for their lives. 

He said some people had dropped an anonymous letter at the district demanding for the display of newly appointed staff.

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Namisidwa Resident District Commissioner, Moses Kigai Wamoto appealed for calm from residents, saying he will pronounce himself on the allegations of bribery in the job recruitment as the head of security in the district.  

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  The Chief Administrative Officer-CAO couldn’t be reached as his known numbers were turned off. .  

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