NWSC Cut Trees to Pave Way for Katosi Water Pipeline

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It is aimed at pumping 240million liters of water each day to cater for increasing demand in Kampala metropolitan area.
One of the trees cut by SOGEA in Mukono town.

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National Water and Sewerage Cooperation-NSWC through SOGEA SATOM Civil Engineering Limited has embarked on cutting trees along the Kampala-Jinja Highway in Mukono town to pave way for laying water pipes to Katosi water works. 


The project estimated to cost Shillings 350billion is funded by the Government of Uganda, European Investment Bank, German Funding Agency-KfW, the French Funding Agency AfD, and the EU Africa Infrastructure Trust Fund. It is aimed at pumping 240million liters of water each day to cater for increasing demand in Kampala metropolitan area.


Although the municipal authorities claim to have entered into an agreement with the contractor to coordinate with the responsible parties to ensure smooth progress of the project, residents claim they are not sensitized about the project.


  David Ssemakula, a Landlord in Mukono Municipality, says the municipality forces them to pave their yards but they watching on in dismay as SOGEA and NSWC clears what they had installed. 

He reveals that they buy each pavement at between Shillings 2000 to 3000 and is worried that SOGEA may leave their area disorganized.    

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Farouk Zimula, a resident of Mukono Central Division, says many government programs are being implemented in the area without coordination, which makes the town look filthy. 

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Samula Busuulwa, a bodaboda rider notes that several trees that have been providing them shades as they wait for customers have been cut.


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Jamadah Kajjoba, the Deputy Mayor Mukono municipality, says they discussed with NSWC and the contractor before the project commenced to divert the route, which was rejected. 

He however, says NWSC pledged to plant new trees and restore people’s yards once they are done fixing the pipes. 

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Kajjoba calls upon residents to remain calm and give the contractor chance to do his worker, saying their concerns will be addressed once the ongoing work is completed.


Sam Apadel, the Communications Manager NWSC, says residents should embrace development and avoid politicizing the project it since is going to come with another project of tree planting. 


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