Police Officers Under Spotlight for Detaining Woman Without Clear Charges

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On Wednesday last week, Kigozi who is a real estate broker mobilized five youths to remove the door and windows before they demolished part of the said house.
Prossy Nalukwago, a woman detained for four days at Mukono police after reporting the husband.

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A woman in Mukono district is accusing two police officers of detaining her for four days without a clear reason. Prossy Nalukwago, a resident of Buligobe village in Nama sub-county accuses Stella Uleah, the in-charge of the Child and Family Protection Unit and Ruth Nabirye of locking her up when she went to report her ex-husband, Lule Kigozi for vandalizing her house.  

Kigozi, a Real Estate broker mobilized five youths to remove doors and windows from the house, which was later demolished. Kigozi had earlier on asked his estranged wife to vacate the house since they separated two years back after giving birth to one child. Nalukwago declined to vacate the house on grounds that she also contributed to the purchase of the land and construction of the house.  

It is allegedly that Kigozi had already informed the unit personnel about his move before Nalukwago entered a case of domestic violence at Mukono police desk, which referred her to CFPU. Nalukwago explained that when she went to CFPU she was arrested and detained on an accusation of domestic violence against her estranged husband.

“On Thursday, when the Divisional Police Commander, Ismael Kifude intervened in the matter, Uleah slapped new charges against me claiming that I had assaulted AIP Nabirye while trying to follow up on my case,” Nalukwago said. On Saturday, Kifude directed for Nalukwago’s release upon the review of her file, which showed the case she had filed against Kigozi.  

There was no mention of the assault charges as claimed by the officers. She was released around 6 pm but her belongings including shoes and telephone remained behind. Nalukwago told URN that she is considering giving on the matter since lacks the capacity to compete with her ex-husband.

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Nalukwago’s sister, Harriet Nanyombi who is currently accommodating her together with her son, says that it doesn’t make sense to seek redress from security organs where Kigozi is using financial power to twist facts in his favour. Lukwago declined to comment on the matter, saying that he doesn’t report family matters to the media.  

The CFPU in Charge, Uleah insists that Nalukwago masterminded the demolition of the contested house, adding that Kigozi only moved in to recover the windows and doors to repair the house. She also insists that Nalukwago assaulted a police officer.


Contrary to Uleah’s claims, Nalukwago’s neighbours insist that Kigozi deployed about six youths to demolish the house before ferrying windows and doors on a pickup truck. Mike Mugumya, one of the residents says that the community is aware of family wrangles but did not expect Kigozi to destroy the house well knowing that the woman stays there with his child.  

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William Bwire, the Village Defense Secretary also confirms that Kigozi demolished the house without informing any of the village council leaders. He says that they were surprised to see police detaining the woman instead of her ex. 

The Deputy Kampala Metropolitan Police Spokesperson, Luke Oweyesigyire, says that no one can be arrested without clear charges. He says that the woman gave wrong information to the CFPU department and assaulted one of their officers.