Three Police Officers Arrested Over Nakasongola Attacks

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Mugenyi explains that during the attack the Policemen were away from the Post leaving it empty something which is unacceptable.
CID Boss Grace Akullo chats with Director Forensics Mubiru at Wabigalo trading center . Others are DPC Patience Namara and RPC Caroline Akoth

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Nakasongola police are holding three of their own for negligence of duty following an attack by machete welding thugs on Sunday night.  The affected are Inspector of Police Umar Ssenyonga, the Officer in Charge of Wabigalo Police Post and two others only identified as Odeke and Otuke.

The three were arrested on Tuesday on the orders of Asuman Mugenyi, the Director Operations Uganda Police Force and Grace Akullo, the Director Criminal Investigations Directorate. Mugenyi says the officers are locked up for failing to rush to the crime scene when the machete welding thugs hacked Fred Bulega and Fred Mujuni, both residents of Kitego village to death despite the fact that their post was a short distance away.

The lifeless bodies of the attack were found in bushes at Wabigalo trading center at around 6:20am.This was the second attack by machete welding thugs on the same village within the same week. According to Mugenyi, the officers were away from their duty station during the second attack, which can’t be tolerated.


He says that the Nakasongola District Police Commander, Patience Namara and officers from the Central Police Station arrived at the crime scene before the team from Wabigalo Police Post, which is a short distance away. He apologized to the residents, saying a competent team of officers will be deployed to man the outpost.

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On Tuesday afternoon, Mugenyi and Akullo visited the crime scene where they interviewed residents on the attacks.  Nathan Musoke, the LC 1 Chairperson Wabigalo asked the police Directors to beef up security in the area saying residents are living in fear of more attacks. Residents also decried the poor staffing and facilitation of officers at the outpost. 

The two police bosses ordered that a Police Patrol be deployed to patrol and respond to any emergency in the trading center. The arrest of the officers comes a few days after residents openly declared loss of trust in the police force because of negligence and inability to avert the renewed machete attacks. 

During a security meeting held on Monday evening in Wabigalo trading center, residents asked Nakasongola Resident District Commissioner, Dan Muganga to cause the deployment of soldiers from Nakasongola Military barracks to conduct patrols in the area, saying police has failed.

On Thursday, a machete welding man hacked four in Wabigalo village. The victims included Lozio Matovu (90), Judith Odur (38), Amos Sekanza (7) and Mesearch Mawanda aged around 10 years. So far six people have been killed in the attacks.