Health Minister Calls for More Efforts to End Multi Drug Resistant TB

The Ministers was this evening speaking at the National celebration to mark the World Tuberculosis day held at Ruhaama Play ground in Ntungamo district.
24 Mar 2019 19:39
Students display messages about Tuberculosis

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 State Minister for Primary Health Care Joy Moriku Kaducu has called for more efforts towards ending Multi drug resistant Tuberculosis. 

The Minister was this evening speaking at the National celebration to mark the World Tuberculosis Day held at Ruhaama Playground in Ntungamo district. The celebrations were held under the theme “it’s time for Uganda to end TB,It starts with me” 

She revealed that the country is undergoing a serious challenge of treating people with multi drug resistant Tuberculosis which is becoming a serious threat. 

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The minister added  that ending the epidemic means that the number of people acquiring and those dying of TB must be reduced. She also commended the efforts of USAID regional health integration in enhancing services in south western Uganda.

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Michellle Lang-Alli, the USAID Deputy Director for health and HIV AIDS in Uganda said that the United States government is focusing on supporting health workers in tracking, testing and treating tuberculosis cases. She added that more focus will be put on training health workers and equipping them with professional skills to enable them handle complex issues.

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Ntungamo Woman Member of Parliament Beatrice Rwakimari observed an urgent need to equip lower health units with equipment and skills to enable them check the spread of Tuberculosis as well as early treatment.  

Ntungamo Resident District Commissioner-RDC George Bakunda said that the fight against Tuberclosis cannot become a success unless the local leaders join the fight. He also challenged residents to always seek for treatment on time to ensure that they get treated on time. 

Vincent Byarugaba, a resident of Ruhaama sub county who has managed to overcome Mult-drug resistant Tuberculosis says that he underwent treatment for a period of two years and that the who experience was expensive despite the fact that the government meets the costs of treatment. 

He called for more resources to be allocated to the treatment of tuberculosis if success is to be realized. Activities such as Tuberculosis screening,Hiv/aids counselling  and testing, cervical cancer screening were part of the celebrations.

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