Otuke Farmers Counting Losses After Hailstorm

In addition to losing her home and household properties, Acen also lost 4 acres of Simsim and 2 acres of beans to the hailstorm.
Selika seated infront of her destroyed house

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Hailstorm has left a trail of destruction in Ogwete and Olilim Sub counties in Otuke district. 

The hailstorm followed heavy rains that pounded the two sub counties over the weekend raving the entire Iooro Village in Olilim Sub County and Akadodek, Imatoigwokoto, Apengere, Tedam, Olilim and Abongodero villages in Olilim Sub County.  

Soya beans, simsim, cassava, sunflower, millet, groundnuts and onions are the most affected crops. 80-year-old Selika Acen, a resident of Ioro village in Olilim Sub County narrowly survived death after the house she was sleeping in caved in.  

In addition to losing her home and household properties, Acen also lost 4 acres of Simsim and 2 acres of beans to the hailstorm.

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//Cue in: “Kara wan oringo…  

Cue out: … orwobo jerrican oko.”//


James Opira, a poultry farmer from Ioro village lost his 10 chicken during the rain.  

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//Cue in: “Projects like crop…   

Cue out: … a terrible condition.”//


Margret Ogwal, a resident of Tedam village in Ogwete Sub County lost 3 acres of simsim to the hailstorm. She is now worried that she will not be able to service the loan she obtained to invest in her garden.

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//Cue in: “Odiko wan odonyo…


Cue out: … otye aparo loan.”//

Tadeo Oryem, a resident of Olilim village says he invested approximately Shillings 2 million in his soya bean and sunflower gardens, which were destroyed by hailstorm. 

He wants government and well- wishers to provide them with fast yielding crops to salvage them from anger.

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//Cue in: “Apuro kede loan…  

Cue out: … otino waa dong.”//  

Sam Ogwal from Akado Dek village in Acanpii parish lost 3 acres of simsim, 3 acres of soya bean, which were ready for harvest.


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//Cue in: “Poti aryo tye…


Cue out: … gi pet ye.”//  

Robert Abak, the Otuke Resident District Commissioner who went on ground to assess the level of destruction, says the district, which was expecting a bumper harvest this season, should now prepare for hunger.   


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//Cue in: “ Crops were destroyed...

Cue out: … on their harvest."//

He says the two sub counties have been affected by all kind of disasters.  

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//Cue in: “That very area…     

Cue out: … very big challenge.”//       

He says district authorities are on the ground to assess the level of damage to see a way of helping the affected persons. 

“Our GISUs and LCs are compiling the list of the affected people like those who have lost their shelters, those who have lost their crops as we have witnessed there is nothing now left,” he said.  


Adding that, “We shall forward the list to office of the prime minister to begin requesting for some assistance for these people, especially some food stuffs otherwise it is going to be very hard for the affected household.”