Parliament Clarifies on 100 COVID-19 Positive Cases

According to Parliament's Director of Communications and Public Affairs, of the 3000 guests, Members of Parliament and Staff tested for the different events at Parliament for different events, over 100 tested positive for COVID-19, but some have already recovered.
Former Minister for Energy, Mary Goretti Kitutu interacts with other MPs at Kololo Independence Grounds.

Parliament has said  that of the over 3,000 people tested for COVID-19 to attend the different Parliamentary events in June, over 100 tested positive.

This follows comments on social media that indicated that Parliament was to close down after 100 Members of Parliament tested positive for COVID-19. 


However the Parliaments Director Communications and Public Affairs Chris Obore Ariko, has made a clarification on the matter saying that a larger category of people were tested for COVID-19, and the positive results are not only that of MPs, but members of staff, security and protocol officers among others.


Obore says that COVID-19 tests were carried out at Parliament to test persons who would be attending State functions at Kololo Independence Grounds. The events included the election of the Speaker on 24th May; the State of the Nation Address by President Museveni on 4th June and Budget Reading on 10th June.


He says three tests were done for each event and a total of over 3,000 people that included MPs, staff of Parliament, Police, Internal Security Organization (ISO), Special Forces Command (SFC), Service Providers, Journalists, Prisons staff, and other invited guests were tested.

“Out of all those tested for the events, approximately 100 came out positive," Obore said. "Note that Parliament has 529MPs and approximately 30 Parliament staff were manning the events. Please disregard the distorted information circulating in the media.” 


He says the 100 positive cases were from the sample of more than 3,000 and note that some of the patients have already made full recovery.  


He says that in compliance with the President’s directives, Parliament has scaled down on the number of staff and journalists at parliament to 20 percent. The numbers of journalists have also been drastically reduced, while visitors are highly discouraged.

Entry to Parliament is strictly checked, while other staff like Members of Parliament personal assistants are not allowed in. 

A few Parliament staff and Members of Parliament went for self-isolation over the period of August and June.


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