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Police Arrest Besigye Again :: Uganda Radionetwork

Police Arrest Besigye Again

23 May 2022 13:47
Dr. Kizza Besigye's modified vehicle
Police have foiled another attempt by Dr. Kizza Besigye, the former Forum for Democratic President to stage a protest against the high commodity prices. Flanked by his fellow former presidential candidate, Samuel Walter lubega Mukaaku Besigye left his residence enroute to Kampala capital city centre.

Besigye told journalists that he had decided to continue with the protests to wake up Ugandans to compel the government to address the high commodity prices since the president, Yoweri Museveni had failed to provide solutions during his Sunday night address. He, however, couldn’t move far since the police had blocked the road to his residence. 

For minutes, Besigye remained seated in his car and the police looked on unbothered. This prompted, Besigye to open the roof of his vehicle and inquire why the officers had blocked him. "This is my private property. Kindly remove your vehicle I have some business to carry out in town. If you want to block roads, go and block the government road,” Besigye said as the officers looked on. 

After close to an hour, Besigye disembarked from his vehicle insisting that he has a right of movement. He vowed to move on foot. Before he hit the main road, police officers grabbed Besigye and placed him in a van that they had used to block the route to his residence. 

Another scene was already playing out in Kisangani town, with police blocking a group of people led by Soroti woman member of parliament, Ann Adeke who were on their way to visit Besigye. Police ordered the group to return to Kampala. Police also tried to beat up journalists who were covering the scene.  

Besigye re-modifies his vehicle  

To continue with his campaign, Dr. Besigye has re-modified his vehicle popularly known as the beast to the people of Kasangati who liken it to the vehicle that transports the US president. Previously, Besigye had sealed the windscreens of the vehicle with wire mesh and mounted the vehicle with megaphones.

This morning, our reporter saw the vehicle accessories preventing officers from damaging it. The con speakers that were removed last time as police tried to prevent him from communicating have this time been covered with wire mesh making it hard for anyone to access them.


Besigye noted that this has been done to ensure that officers don't use monkey tricks to prevent him from passing on his message. He added that he could have resumed his campaign on Friday following the Thursday incident but noted he had experienced some logistics problems. "We had logistical problems but we have sorted them...." The smiling Besigye told journalists.

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