100,000 Lira IDPs to Stop Receiving WFP Rations

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The World Food Program (WFP) has suspended the distribution of food rations to more than 100,000 internally displaced people in Lira district in a move to encourage them to return to their homes.
The head of the WFP Lira field office, Gilbert Buzu, says that the improved security situation in the district has enabled many people to move out of IDP camps. He says many have returned home and have begun preparing their fields for the next planting season. He is optimistic that they will be able to fend for themselves in the near future.
Buzu says the IDPs have been given three-month's rations to ease their resettlement.
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159 IDPs will continue to receive regular food aid from WFP.
Buzu says WFP is also opening up access roads to villages that were abandoned during the 20-year insurgency to give people easy access to their homes, schools and health facilities.