11 Candidates Run in Kampala Lord Mayor Race

Kampala district registrar and returning officer Frederick Muwaya says there are 36 contenders for division lord mayors, and 484 for Kampala Capital City Authority councilors and 2,904 for division councilors.

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Like incumbent President Yoweri Museveni faced 10 candidates who wanted his job, his Kampala Mayoral counterpart Erias Lukwago has to battle 10 contestants for the coveted Kampala Capital City lord mayorship tomorrow, Wednesday. 

One of Lukwago's ten opponents in Kampala is a 23-year-old social worker Yakub Mayanja Musaazi, contesting under the Alliance for National Transformation flag and a 24-year-old Micheal Evans Mugabi running as an Independent. 

Incumbent Erias Lukwago who had been a Democratic Party -DP member all his political life was this time nominated on the Forum for Democratic Change -FDC ticket.

Nabilah Naggayi Sempala, the incumbent Kampala Woman MP, was nominated under the National Unity Platform -NUP a couple of days after joining the party.

The ruling National Resistance Movement -NRM part is fielding musician Daniel Kazibwe, aka Ragga Dee.

Another candidate is Charles James Ssenkubuge for the Democratic Party. Senkubuge was once famous as an actor and actually got nominated for the presidential race of 2001, but he withdrew citing the big bodied police guards he was given and he felt uncomfortable in their presence.

Other contestants are Isaac Sendagire, Eddie Bazira Kibalama, Ben Lule, and Innocent Kawooya, most of whom are running as Independents.

The most famous candidate in the race is Joseph Mayanja, alias Jose Chameleon. Although a NUP supporter, he did not get the party flag and is standing as an independed, but has remained an avowed supporter of the NUP president Robert Kyagulanyi.  

NRM's Daniel Kazibwe says if you want to create jobs and clean the city.    

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Cue out …Mayor 2021-2026.”//


Charles James Senkubuge has been reminding the voters that he has done a lot in the drama field and is well known.

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Cue out …omulooodi wamunjju.”//


Erias Lukwago, promisies to improve garbage collection, transport, security through putting up lights and better social amenities.   

Nabillah Sempala Nagayyi, the NUP candidate says she has the experience to lead Kampala having been its woman member of Parliament.


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Cue out …goes to naught.”// 

Innocent Kawooya, believes he can empower Kampala citizens business-wise in order to transform their livelihoods.  

He is very keen about protecting women, children business progress, healthy people, good education and governance in Kampala.     

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Kampala district registrar and returning officer Frederick Muwaya says there are 36 contenders for division lord mayors, and 484 for Kampala Capital City Authority councilors and 2,904 for division councilors.   The Electoral Commission (EC) says election campaigns for District Local Government Councils: (District/City Chairpersons, Lord Mayor, Mayors, and Councilors, ended yesterday.

Paul Bukenya, EC spokesperson says according to the Electoral Commission Act campaigns for District Local Government Councils are meant to end within 48 hours before the election date.   

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