15 Namugongo Pilgrims Injured in Accident

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A group 15 pilgrims from Dabani Parish in Busia were this morning injured in a head on collision accident along the Kampala Jinja highway.

The accident occurred at Mbalala, when a pick-up truck carrying the pilgrims to Namugongo martyrs shrine collided with a Pepsi Cola truck heading to Jinja.

Geoffrey Wandera, a pilgrim who sustained minor injuries says the accident was caused by the Pepsi cola truck driver who tried to overtake a speeding taxi and instead rammed into the pick up truck.

The pick-up truck veered off the road and plunged into a bush. Several people sustained broken legs and arms while others were hit and cut by the bottles from the Pepsi cola truck.

The injured were rushed to Mulago hospital.

Wandera said that although some of their colleagues are hospitalized, the rest of the group decided to continue with the pilgrimage to Namungogo, to experience the suffering the martyrs went through before they were executed.

The injured were part of a group of 62 pilgrims who started trekking from Dabani in Busia district on Sunday. Many of them arrived in Namugongo today morning.