15-year-old Landslide Survivor Struggles to find Home

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Robert Mutinye, is lucky to be alive after Monday's landslide. He is among the 45 known survivors, but sad because he can't find a home.

Orphaned at a tender age, Mutinyi was left under the care of six relatives including an uncle. now all his relatives were killed by the landslide that swept through Bududa, burying three villages.

Speaking through an interpreter, Mutinye says he managed to survive the landslide because of a large explosion that alerted him about danger.

After the huge explosion, Mutinyi braved the heavy downpour and ran for more than a kilometer in search for a safe place. But his uncle who has been his guardian didn't survive. Mutinyi is now homeless and has no where to go.

// Cue in: "He is saying..."Cue out " the catastrophe" Mutinye has for the last three days spent his nights in the cold, at the scene of the tragedy. he doesn't want to go to the temporary resettlement center, located 15 kilometers away. Mutinyi says government should also consider rescuing the survivors most of who are stranded.

// Cue in: "So far they have not..."Cue out " material form" //

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