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18 Refugees Stranded With Livestock In Sango Bay Camp :: Uganda Radionetwork

18 Refugees Stranded With Livestock In Sango Bay Camp

Musa Ecweru, the State Minister for Disaster Preparedness, says he is not aware of the stranded refugees in Sango bay.
David Mugisha, the Sango Bay Camp Chairman
18 refugees are still stuck at Sango bay refugee settlement in Rakai following the failure by authorities to relocate them to Kyaka refugee camp in Kyegegwa district with their animals. The 18 were left behind during the transfer of more than 1,300 refugees from Sango bay refugee settlement to Kyaka refugee camp by the Office of the Prime Minister.

The refugees remained behind after the officials who handled the transfer said they were unable to transfer them together with their animals. The stranded refugees include Jafar Akandwanaho, Jovia Mkakimenyi, Silvia Mukacaka, Roy Ngambeki, Geoffrey Ntenderi, Karisti Hungu, Ezekiel Rusibuka and Augustine Rutareka. Others are Anton Kakwerere, Kalori Kadogo, Kabarebe Jafari, Dedeti, Kalori Mukaraje and Dauda.

Jafar Akandwanaho, who the leaders of the group, says they are stuck with 110 cows, 80 goats and 20 sheep they can't leave behind. Akandwanaho explains that initially the OPM officials promised to send them trucks to ferry their livestock to Kyaka I refugee camp. He says Kakuuto Sub-county veterinary officers treated the animals and gave them movement permits but the entire plan flopped. 

Akandwanaho says as a result of their failure to relocate their animals, 10 cows and 12 sheep were stolen due to lack of sufficient security at the settlement. Silvia Mukacaka, another refugee says she lost two cows to the thieves who often storm at night. She says they have pleaded with the OPM and district authorities to give them security and help them to transfer their animals to Kyaka in vain. 

Geoffrey Ntenderi, another refugee, says they are living in fear following an attack on one of their colleagues last week by thugs when he tried to stop them from stealing his goats. She says the victim sustained serious injuries and was rushed to Kakuuto Health Centre IV. Musa Ecweru, the State Minister for Disaster Preparedness, says he is not aware of the stranded refugees in Sango bay, adding that he expects all the refugees to have left with their animals and properties during the relocation process.

He has however, promised to follow up the matter and ensure that the stranded refugees in Sango bay are transferred. David Mugisha, the Chairperson of Sango Bay Refugees told URN, that those who remained at Sango bay risk being killed due to lack of security. He says the refugees were also left out during the allocation of land to their colleagues in Kyaka I camp in Kyegegwa district. 

Steven Ssebunya, the Kakuuto LC 3 Chairperson, urges the refugees to sell off their animals, save the money and buy others when they reach Kyegegwa. Ssebunya says the Kakuuto livestock market is only 3 kilometers from Sango bay and operates every Thursday. He says waiting for the OPM trucks to ferry their animals may take long.

Julius Gobolo, the Rakai District Police Commander, told URN he wasn't aware that some refugees remained at Sango bay after the relocation. He however, says that police post that was established at the camp is still intact and can still provide security.

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