1,800 Kitgum Civil Servants Undergo Validation

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At least 1,800 civil servants in Kitgum district are undergoing a validation exercise. The exercise started last month following a directive to all local governments by the Ministry of Public Service.

The validated staff include those in the agriculture department, community-based services, finance, health workers among others.  The other group that will be validated are teachers who are majority of civil servants in the district.

Jackson Omona, the Kitgum District LC 5 Chairperson disclosed that the exercise dragged on more than necessary because introducing the new personnel structures did not go well with some staff who felt their positions were threatened.


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Cue out…threatened by this process."//

Omona explained that some of the validated staff have been posted to different positions basing on their qualifications. Omona further notes that the exercise will, as a result, improve performance in the district.


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Cue out…effectiveness in the work."//  

Over time, several staff have returned to school to upgrade in their academic qualifications.

Such officers have for long been under-utilized in acting positions which the human resource manual termed as a disservice.

There are allegations that some officers were arrested with fake and falsified academic documents during the exercise.

However, Moses Kapolon, the Deputy Chief Administrative Officer says such staff once investigations are concluded will be sacked.

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It is the second time the government is carrying out staff validation. In 2014, the auditor general validated all public officers on the government payroll in a bid to weed out ghost workers, but according to the public service ministry, some workers missed out on the exercise.

The validation exercise helps identify non-existent workers who draw salaries from the district without any formal posting.  

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