2-Year Old Killed in Petrol Inferno

Selling petrol in bottles which is behind the frequent fires is now a booming business as boda boda riders and car owners prefer petrol in bottles to fueling form the fuel stations, where they say pump attendants cheat them by giving less than the specified amounts.
Police Fire Brigade Fighting fire in Moroto town

A 2-year-old boy has perished in an inferno in Moroto Municipality after their semi-permanent house where petrol was stored in jericans caught fire on Tuesday afternoon.

Locals say the mother of the boy identified as Majeri Apolot of Kakoliye in South Division was cooking inside the house when fire broke out while the boy was sleeping in the same house. The incident happened at around 1 :00 pm.

Witnesses said they saw smoke bellowing from the roof before they noticed it was a fire.

Apolot who was reportedly inside the house when the fire broke out has been hospitalized after suffering shock and some injuries.

One of the witnesses Francis Okello, a resident from the neighborhood said the fire was too dangerous to confront and neighbors could not save the life of the infant.

“The fire we saw extremely dangerous because there was petrol inside. The whole house was burning and we were helpless,” said Okello at the scene.

Most of the relatives were heart broken and could not speak to the press.

The Mt. Moroto Police Spokesperson, Michael Longole confirms the incident saying the Fire Brigade put out the fire. The cause of the fire is not yet established althoug the presence of petrol in the house obviously catalysed it.  Longole says police will open general inquiries.

Unspecified items of property were destroyed in the fire and everything  was reduced into ashes.

Last month, another fire that broke out from a house where a fuel seller stored petrol in Nabilatuk and killed a mother and her son.

Police has advised the public to stop keeping petrol in houses to prevent of 'accidents'.

Selling petrol in bottles is now a booming business as boda boda riders and car owners prefer petrol in bottles to fueling form the fuel stations. 

They argue that the fuel they buy at fuel stations is less that the purported quantities as the pump operators cheat by pumping less fuel than the one paid for.


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