20 Men Escape from Kabale Police Holding Cells

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The police in Kabale have revealed that a large manhunt is on for 20 men who escaped from the Kabale Central Police Station cells on Wednesday night.

Sam Odeke, the district police commander, says the suspects drilled a hole through an old wall in the police cells using a piece of metal that was smuggled into the cells. He says they took advantage of the heavy rain and the soaked old wall to make an easy escape from the police cells.

Odeke says some of the escapees are hardcore criminals with long rap sheets. He says they are wanted for murder, defilement and robbery.

A team of both regular police and special police constables are conducting an operation to re-arrest the suspects. None of the escapees have been found as yet.

This is the second time this year that suspects have escaped from the Kabale police cells by digging through the walls of the police station. The police building was constructed by the British colonial government more than 50 years ago using unburned bricks and mud.