3,600 People Died in Road Crashes Last Year

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The road safety and traffic report shows that 1,146 out of 3,663 people killed on the road were motorcyclists.
19 Apr 2021 11:39
The wrekage of a vehicle along Tirinyi-Mbale road

Despite the restricted movement of vehicles and motorcycles during Covid-19 lockdown, 3,663 people died in road accidents.

The road safety and traffic report shows 1,146 out of 3,663 people killed in road accidents were motorcyclists.

This translates to ten road fatalities per day.

The statistics indicate more motorcyclists died last year compared to previous years. For instance, in 2019 motorcyclists who died in accidents were 1,064 but in 2020 the number increase by more than 80 victims.

However, police figures show that the number of pedestrians dying in road accidents reduced from 1,485 in 2019 to 1,258 last year.

Kampala Metropolitan East recorded the highest number of people killed in accidents with 234 victims, Kampala North had 231 fatalities while Kampala South had 220 deaths by road crashes.

Acting traffic director CP Lawrence Niwabiine indicates that there was a 4.7 percent general reduction in road crashes.

Overall traffic crashes reduced to 12,249 last year down from 12858 in 2019.  In addition, the total number of people who died, sustained serious and minor injuries decreased from 14,690 in 2019 to 13,012 in 2020.

Police attributes the decrease in overall traffic crashes to a lockdown where movement of vehicles and motorcycles was restricted in order to curtail the spread of Covid-19.

Inspector General of Police Martin Okoth Ochola has officially launched the 2020 crime and traffic report where he also highlighted Covid-19 lockdown as a key factor in reduction in crime numbers.


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