400 Arrested as Machete Assailants Kill One in Nansana

Christopher Muyimbwa, the area defence secretary said Seruwo was killed while coming from the bar, by assailants who were preparing to raid homes.
CP Fred Enanga

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At least 400 suspected criminals have been apprehended in the ongoing operations responding to a new spate of attacks by panga-wielding assailants who killed another person in Nansana Municipality. 

The deceased, Wilson Seruwo, 35, a resident of Ganda Village was waylaid near his home and cut to death, by unknown thugs who vanished with his belongings.

Christopher Muyimbwa, the area defence secretary said Seruwo was killed while coming from the bar, by assailants who were preparing to raid homes in the early morning hours of Sunday. 

”He was coming from the bar at around 3:00 am, and landed in their ambush, they cut him in in back and on the head, then they took the little money he had on him," Muyimbwa said. "We’re lucky enough that they didn’t break into the houses after hearing a police patrol car that was coming.” 

Apart from buying and installing alarm systems in homes, Muyimbwa explains that they have started sensitization drives within the area about tricks used by thugs, and safer ways of closing doors, windows and gates.  

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Now Fred Enanga, the police spokesperson says that more 189 suspects were arrested on the weekend, in addition to 211 suspected pang-wielding assailants who were arrested at the beginning of last week, bringing the number to 400.

The suspects were picked from areas of  Kigagga zone-Natete, Katwe-Kinyoro zone Makindye division, Kevina-Katwe zone, and suspects from Namungoona, Kasubi , Nabweru and Nansana areas. 

Three people have so been killed and more than 25 people injured in four separate attacks within areas of Namungoona, Kyengera, Kawempe and Nabweru-Nansana in the past two weeks by machete-wielding assailants, who rob cash, mobile phones and other valuables.  

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The first attack in Namungoona zone 1 in Rubaga Division on 3rd April left one person dead and two others critically injured. On the 5th of this month, Denis Mayanja, Frank Matovu, Sarah Nalubwama, Charles Ntambi,Frank Kawooya, JB Ssempija, John Musoke and Aisha Nakimbugwe, were also injured in the night home raids in Wakimese-Kyengera town council.

The second home raid in Kazo central, Kazo-Muganzirwazza and Nabweru south in Nabweru Division and Kawempe by assailants on 8th April, left Ronald Baligye, Suleiman Mukasa, Esther Nakabuye, and Anasio Mutabazi also nursing injuries. 

Police are also calling upon residents to be vigilant and area leaders to collaborate with security in the ongoing operations to crack down on all criminal hideouts.

“We want to inform the residents in areas of Nansana, Namungoona, Kyengera and others, that we work together to see these criminals all arrested,"  Enanga said. "We have so far arrested many, and the operations are continuing to have the remnants still in hideouts also arrested.” 

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