406 Bududa Landslide Victims Relocated

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406 victims of the Bududa landslide have been relocated by government to Kiryandongo refugee camp in Masindi.

The victims are from eighty-nine families who were selected as the first batch of landslide victims to be relocated out of Bulucheke temporal resettlement center in Bududa.

The victims however had an emotional send-off inform of exchanging pleasantries with their relatives before boarding to their new home.

Several victims had worries on their faces as they boarded the trucks to head to a place they have never been to before.

45-year-old Godfrey Funga formerly from Bukalasi Sub-county expressed fear that the relocation may affect their socio-economic way of life. Funga reminisces the good times he had in his home before the landslide.

He says he used to own several acres of coffee and banana plantation some thing which he may never own from where he is being relocated.

Funga also expresses fear that they may lose their cultural identity because back home in Bugisu they used to practice circumcision.

Another cultural aspect that he wants government to help them maintain includes bringing back the dead for burial in Bugisu.

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Cue out "...and we bury it" //

For Isaac Nabutunya a father of five children he will miss his favorite dish, ‘amalewa' which is got from the offshoot of bamboo trees which is found only on Mt. Elgon.

Nabutunya also expresses fear that some unscrupulous people may encroach on the traditional land where they have been relocated from. He says government should give them freedom to return in case they encounter unfavorable conditions in the camp.

Meanwhile some of the victims who are from Nametsi the scene of the March landslide feel they should have been considered as first priority during the relocation.

Stephen Nagai a former resident of Nametsi says they should have been considered as the first priority because they lost all their property to the landslide.

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