60-year Old Widow Killed in Suspected Land Wrangle

The grave that, had been dug in late. Alice Kakaire's garden. courtesy photo.

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Police in Busoga East is investigating circumstances under which 60 year old Alice Kakaire, a resident of Kiwani B village in Bugweri district, was killed on Tuesday morning. 

It is reported that, Kakaire who lost her husband Paul Kakaire two months ago, has been embroiled in a long standing land wrangle with her neighbor, only identified as Bukyabubi for the past 10 years. 

The attackers are suspected to have trailed Kakaire to her garden, cornered her and hit her with her own hoe on the forehead. 

They also dug a grave and attempted to bury her to cover their crime however, Kakaire’s grandson aged eight years, alerted community members about the incident. 

The suspects fled however, some residents torched their houses as a way of expressing their dissatisfaction over what had transpired. 

Martin Kasango, a resident within the area says that during one of their village meetings held early this month, Kakaire complained of receiving death threats. 

//cue in: “ono omukazi…

Cue out…embago yamwita,”//

Mohammed Mukwaya, the area L.C.1 chairperson says that the two families have been fighting for a one acre piece of land, with each party claiming rightful ownership of the same. 

Mukwaya says that harmonization meetings were held to resolve the land dispute early last year, where both parties agreed on the boundaries. However when Kakaire’s husband passed away, Bukyabubi’s family rekindled the fight for the land.

Mukwaya adds that, he advised the complainants to seek court redress, only to receive information that, one of the parties involved has been brutally killed. 

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Cue out…kukyikolwa ekyo,”. //

Busoga east’s police spokesperson, Diana Nandawula says that anti riot police personnel have been deployed to quell the situation of agitated citizens.

Nandawula further says that, inquiries are underway and the deceased's body has been taken to Iganga general hospital mortuary for postmortem.


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