6,000 People Displaced by Floods in Kwania District

The most affected are nine parishes, of Nambieso, Owiny, Bung, Atuma, Anwangi, Acaba, Ayabi, Acwao and Etekiber.
A family in Atuma parish, Nambieso Sub County abandon its home after being Submerged by flood

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More than 6,000 people have been displaced by floods in Nambieso Sub County, Kwania District.  The most affected are nine parishes, of Nambieso, Owiny, Bung, Atuma, Anwangi, Acaba, Ayabi, Acwao and Etekiber parishes.  

Residents who live along the shores of Lake Kwania have remained homeless and their gardens of crops submerged after the Lake burst its banks.

The floods have also cut off roads that include Nambieso via Ayabi to Agwata road that connects Kwania to Dokolo, Nambieso to Lira via Kwania road among others.

Geoffrey Omara Ebuk, the Nambieso Sub County Chairperson, says that they have submitted a list of the flood victims to the Ministry of disaster preparedness but they are yet to get a response.

“The rising water level has continued to progress every day, as I talk now over 6,500 families in Nambieso are homeless, several gardens of crops submerged and community access roads cut off, we are in total lockdown, and we are seeking for government intervention,” he said.

Fred Niara, the Nambieso Sub County Speaker says that due to the floods, residents in the area can’t access health services at Nambieso HCIII. He says that several roads leading to the facility have been cut off.

Jimmy Emmanuel Okello Ecun, the Nambieso Sub County Male Councillor expressed fears that the affected communities will suffer severe famine since they mainly depend on subsistence farming.

Okello wants the government to provide relief food and compensate the flood victims for the losses incurred.

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Mercy Adongo, Susan Apio and Harriet Adoc, some of the flood-affected victims in Nambieso Sub County say they have no option after floods ravaged their gardens of crops calling for assistance from government and other nongovernmental organizations.

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Albina Awor, the Kwania District Chief Administrative Officer, says they have already submitted the list of the flood victims to the Office of the Prime Minister pending respond.