62-year-old Kenyan Pilgrim Marks a Decade of Pilgrimage

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James Nganga's upper-front row of teeth has all fallen out due to age. However the lean, dark complexioned and grayed 62-year-old proved that he is not as frail as he looks.
He beat age and physical energy to walk an estimated 7000 km from his village in Kinyango, Kenya, for pilgrimage at Namugongo.
This particular pilgrimage marks a special occasion on Nganga's calendar of life, as he complets a decade of visiting the martyrs' shrine.
The elderly man says he doesn't have to do any special kind of preparation, before venturing out to brave the heat and cold, as he treks towards a place that always rekindles his loyalty to God.
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Nganga claims he doesn't do any physical fitness exercises, but when he starts out, he becomes fit as he goes along.
This time, he met with his companions at the town of Gilgil, and together they walked about 60km per day, to make it to Namugongo.
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Nganga says last year he prayed for money to buy land, and was able to get it. This year, he is praying for more years on earth.