63-Year-Old Man Sets New Standard in Semi-Skilled Landscaping Industry

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As the housing and real estate sector in Uganda continues to grow, the business of landscaping, professional gardening and beautification is also on the upturn.

In Kampala the landscaping trade is flooded with semi-skilled workers, who are self-taught and have learned what the job requires. Many of them are stationed in tiny nurseries by the roadside and are available for hire at a reasonably small fee.

In a business in which youth and energy seem supersede age and wisdom, 63-year-old Emmanuel Kyeyune of Kigo in Wakiso district has curved out a unique niche for himself. Instead of waiting for customers to come to him, Kyeyune hits the road everyday to sell his seeds and plants door to door.

Kyeyune explains that he adopted this business model after the boom in the gardening and landscaping business and the increased competition. Nicknamed