800 Former ISO Employees to Get Terminal Benefits

Mwesige says that 29 billion shillings has been allocated to pay the employees whose number is yet to be verified.
14 May 2019 18:31

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More than 800 former employees of the Internal Security Organisation-ISO have been verified and will start receiving their terminal benefits. 

This was disclosed on Tuesday by Adolf Mwesige, the Defense and Veterans Affairs Minister while addressing the media regarding the progress in implementing the 2016-2021 NRM manifesto week.

Mwesige says that a sum of 29 billion shillings has been allocated to pay the employees whose number is yet to be verified.

He, however, said that 14.5 billion shillings will be paid to 863 employees by May 21st, who underwent a verification process that started in November 2018.

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In 2004, a group of ex-ISO employees dragged the Attorney General to court over failure by the government to pay their terminal benefits.     

They complained of the settlement restructuring of the civil service from 1992 on wards without terminal benefits. Court in 2005 awarded them all their entitlements hence making it possible for them to be beneficiaries of the pension arrears.     

The former employees agreed with government that it pays them 39 billion shillings.

Uganda Veterans of Internal Security Organization was formed as an umbrella association of all the veterans. However, when government made the first payment of 10 billion shillings, complaints of ghost employees and embezzlement of funds emerged.  

Some veterans complained of lack of accountability by the association leaders for the 10 billion shillings. 

Last year, government embarked on a verification exercise to correct the payment process. The office of the President and the minister of security appointed a committee to verify and prepare a list for payments.    

Minister for veteran Affairs Bright Rwamirama says that the verification exercise is still on going.  

He says that some unscrupulous people representing families of some deceased employees were acquiring letters of administration and registering the beneficiaries under their names and not the estate or family of the deceased.

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