84 Suspected Criminals Arrested in Hoima City

The suspects were picked from Kiryatete in Hoima East Division on Monday evening in an operation conducted by the Police and Uganda Peoples Defense Forces-UPDF soldiers.
Julius Hakiza, the Albertine region police spokesperson has confirmed the arrest and detention of the suspected criminals to URN.

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The Police have arrested 84 suspected criminals for allegedly terrorizing residents in Hoima City.

The suspects whose particulars have since been concealed by police for fear of jeopardizing investigations were picked from Kiryatete in Hoima East division on Monday evening in an operation conducted by the Police and Uganda Peoples Defense Forces-UPDF soldiers. They are currently being detained at Hoima City Central Police Station.

Julius Hakiza, the Albertine Region Police Spokesperson told Uganda Radio Network says that the suspects were arrested following several complaints from residents and the business community.

The suspects are believed to be behind the rampant thefts of Motorcycle and vehicle number plates, robbery, selling fake and unregistered sim cards, and house break-ins among others.  

He says the suspects have also been snatching phones, bags, laptops, and other items from the Hoima city residents especially in the evening and night hours when people are going home from work.

According to Hakiza, charges of aggravated and simple robberies will be preferred against the criminals.

Charles Byabakama, a resident of Kinubi in Hoima West Division says the security situation in Hoima City is alarming given the invasion of wrong elements that are terrorizing area residents.

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Jane Atulinda, a resident of Kiryatete says her bag containing 500,000 Shillings was grabbed by suspected thugs last week as she was returning home from her workplace.

She wants police to maintain daily patrols in the area in order to combat the escalating crime rate in the area.

Robert Kyalisiima, a resident of Kibaati Cell in Hoima East Division says police should maintain heavy deployment in their area too since thugs are terrorizing people on a daily basis.

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Last week security personnel arrested 10 suspected criminals terrorizing Hoima city dwellers.

The criminals were arrested from various parts of Hoima city including Kiryatete, Kiganda, Bujumbura, Kinubi, and Lusaka in Hoima East and West divisions respectively on Thursday night.

During the operation, security operatives also recovered three bags of marijuana from the suspected criminals.

More than twenty cases of stolen motorcycle and vehicle number plates were reported in the past two months at Hoima City Police Station.  

The thugs pluck off the number plates and later call their owners asking for money in order for the number plates to be returned to the owners.  

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