92 Pupils Admitted For Suspected Food Poisoning

He explains that the pupils ate meat, soya beans and posho at 8:00 pm before they dispersed to their homes.
92 pupils of Abarilela primary school in Amuria district have been admitted at Amuria Health Centre IV after eating suspected poisoned food. Francis Oluma, the LC 5 chairperson Amuria district told URN on Tuesday that four of the pupils were in critical condition. Joseph Olaja, the teacher of Music and Drama Abarilela primary school suspects that the pupils could have been served poisoned food on Monday during the music and drama competition on Monday.


He explains that the pupils ate meat, soya beans and posho at 8:00 pm before they dispersed to their homes. Olaja says 60 of the 92 suspected poison victims were members of the school choir while the rest are those who shared with them the same meal. He says that on Tuesday morning all the pupils turned up at school well but they started complaining of abdominal pain during the assembly.


Dr. Raymond Malinga, the in charge of Amuria Health Centre IV says that pupils suffered food poisoning adding that, they had also taken long without eating anything on Monday. Max Ebalu, the LC 3 Chairperson Abarilela sub county has asked schools to ensure pupils are served early enough whenever they have such activities.