Drama as Candidates Refuse to Shake Hands at Rally

One of the voters demanded an explanation from both candidates why they cant shake hands like their colleagues.
Rt. Ibrahim Abiriga addressing supporters in the joint rally behind DTB on Wednesday
There was a drama at a joint NRM candidate\'s rally in Bazar ward in Arua Municipality on Wednesday. It all started during question time when one of the voters tasked Ibrahim Abiriga, the former Arua Resident District Commissioner and his rival Ratib Buga to explain why they don\'t shake hands at their rallies like the other candidates.

Abiriga and Buga are competing for the Arua Municipality MP NRM party ticket.  Other candidates vying for the same ticket are Charles Asiki, Emmanuel Meta Aloro, Muhammad Ali Aluma and Godfrey Obiga. As a show of solidarity and members of the NRM party, the candidates shake hands during and after their campaign rallies.

However, Abiriga and Buga could not shake hands after addressing voters at their campaign rally. One of the voters demanded an explanation from both candidates why they can\'t shake hands like their colleagues. In his response Abiriga said he can\'t shake hands with Buga for fighting his candidature. He told the voters to ask Buga why they can\'t shake hands.

In his response, Buga claimed the grudge between them started when he questioned Abiriga\'s academic qualifications.  He however, asked Abiriga to forgive him in vain.  â€œAs candidates, we fight, quarrel and attack each other but at the end of the day there is need to unite the people who support the different candidates,” Buga said.

The voters asked Abiriga to shake hands with his rival as a sign of reconciliation but he stood his grounds. The joint LC V chairperson and parliamentary candidate\'s rallies are scheduled to end on Friday this week ahead of the primary elections on Monday.