Acholi Chiefdom Renovates Meeting Chamber of Chiefs

Ambrose Olaa, the Prime Minister Acholi chiefdom says the renovation works will cost shillings 79 Million.
The Meeting Chamber of Aholi Council of Chiefs Under Renovation
The dilapidated meeting chamber of the council of chiefs of the Acholi chiefdom is finally undergoing major renovation.

The facelift renovation involves installation of a new roof, repair of cracked walls and paintings among other mechanical works. 

Ambrose Olaa, the Prime Minister Acholi chiefdom, says the renovation will cost 79 Million shillings. He says a new boardroom and other offices including that for the paramount chief, Rwot David Onen Achana II will also be built under the collaboration with oil giant Total E&P.

Olaa says Total E&P has donated shillings 54 Million towards renovating the meeting chamber of the council of chiefs. He says the deficit of 25 million shillings will be mobilized from subjects of the chiefdom.

Christopher Ocowum, the Public Relations Officer of Total E&P says the donation was extended to the chiefdom as part of corporate social responsibility.

Since the grass thatched roof of the chamber caved in under its own weight, the council of chiefs have been meeting in the general board room of the offices of the cultural ministers.

Some chiefdom activities were conducted inside the residential house of paramount chief David Onen Achana II.

Serious Construction Company Limited, a construction company in Gulu Town has been contracted to undertake the renovation and construction works.

The oval meeting chamber of the council of chiefs was built by the USAID funded Northern Uganda Transition Initiative (NUTI) in 2010.

The Palace of Acholi Chiefdom also known as the cultural village missed out on the Peace Recovery and Development Plan project which resettled some chiefs after camps for internally displaced persons were decommissioned.