Acholi Parliamentary Group Demands Withdrawal of Army from IDP's

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The Acholi parliamentary Group, demands the withdrawal of soldiers from the internally displaced peoples (IDP) camps in Northern Uganda, to pave way for the successful resettlement of the internally displaced persons.
The group's vice chairperson, Reagan Okum, says the presence of the Army at the camps has always been seen as a source of insecurity and trauma, to many people who have suffered under the two decade old war.
Okum says that while government's plan to resettle the returnees is good, the security of the people should be handled by the police and not the army. He says many people have refused to leave the camps because they look at the army as a source of insecurity.
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An estimated 1.6 million people have been forced into displaced camps since the LRA insurgency broke out about 20 years ago.
In August this year, the government announced a six months 100 million U.S. dollar emergency plan to facilitate the return of IDPs to their villages and to reinstall laws and justice in the war-affected north.