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Activists Campaign For Organic Food To Promote Health, Save Environment :: Uganda Radionetwork

Activists Campaign For Organic Food To Promote Health, Save Environment

Hadija Nalule from PELUM (U) says eating chemically laden foods is recipe for avoidable disease and the organisation's goal is to change mindsets.
Some of the market masters during the training

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Civil Society actors have partnered with vendors and market leaders to promote organically grown foods in a bid to promote good health and save the environment.

The activists said this on Friday during the climax of a three day training for selected market leaders from Uganda, Rwanda and Zimbabwe under the PELUM  (Participatory Ecological Land Use Management) Association - Uganda in conjunction with Alliance for Food Sovereignity in Africa (AFOSA). 

The activists said they had decided to partner with the market actors because they knew these were an important link in the chain to promote the cause for good health and a green environment.

The training held at Lake Victoria Hotel - Entebbe that attracted over fourty participants ended with a market visit to Kitooro – Entebbe Market, where some of the participants sensitized vendors and the general public about the dangers of eating of chemical laden foods and adverse effects of using chemicals in food growing.

Hadija Nalule, from PELUM (U) said eating chemically laden foods was recipe for avoidable disease and explained why the complacent current generation was suffering from diet-related diseases.

“Our focus is to shift consumer mindset and foster a greater appreciation for organic and agro-ecological products.  We are launching educational initiatives to promote the positive aspects of territorial markets and counter any negative perceptions,” said Nalule adding that advocacy and awareness campaigns to all in the food chain was essential in this effort.  She added that the target persons include farmers, food traders, market vendors and final consumers are within scope.

Nalule explained that stakeholders were in the process of developing a national agro-ecology strategy to guide the organic farming revolution and good feeding in the country.  

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With her team were market leaders from Kampala City markets of Wandegeya, Nakawa and Nakasero, who urged for government sensitization of the public and promotion of organically grown foods.

Nalule said it was incumbent upon government to promote the good health of its citizens by carrying out the required sensitisation and specially promote organically grown food.

Joseph Mudhasi, a market master from Nakawa market said he had realized after the training that it was mistake for governments in Africa to allow in chemicals as agricultural inputs.  “I nolonger wonder why our fore-fathers lived longer than us who think were feeding well while consuming foods grown using chemical fertilizers.”  


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Richard Mugisha, from Jerofarm is a supplier to different markets in Kampala.  He said it would be good for market masters and managers to set up a special section for organically grown foods, where those who know the value and have interest in that food can get it without merely guessing that what they are buying is the right stuff.

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Zuena Nantme, a market master at Wandegeya Market said government and local governments should take it up to sensitise the communities.  “KCCA and government should organize for us more of such seminars because they are very useful.  People do not have this information and need to be sensitized,” she said.  

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