Aduku Town Council Start Weeding Out 'Fake' Witchdoctors

The fake witchdoctors are blamed for jeopardizing security, fueling domestic violence cases and sexually abusing married women who seek their help.

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Local leaders of Aduku Town Council in Kwania district have launched an operation to crack down on fake witchdoctors. The operation is code named “Jwayo Tim Jojok”, meaning weeding out witchcraft activities. It was launched on Tuesday by Peter Otim, the Aduku Town Council Vice Chairperson.

Otim says that about 16 witchdoctors are illegally operating in the area. He noted that the witchdoctors have now resorted to pinning posters in public and private places at night as a way of advertising their businesses.He has rallied the security to step up vigilance.

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“Witchdoctors are now using their agents to pin adverts in public places at nights since the media houses have distanced from advertising them, their illegal operations have caused divisionism and insecurity, I call upon security to take up vigilance.”

Otim cited an incident in November last year, where a self proclaimed miracle performer, a Masindi based witchdoctor identified as Firaje Magadu alias Dr Nwakomne stormed the area while claiming to be hunting for a suspected thief who had stolen 4 million Shillings from his client.   However the witchdoctor allegedly deployed a swarm of bees to chase the suspected thief, endangering the public. The fake witchdoctor was apprehended and detained at Kwania Central Police Station.

Otim has asked the public to stay away from such witchdoctors and always seek God’s guidance and protection in time of difficulties as a way of restoring harmony, peace and love in their families.

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Jimmy Uhuru, the Aduku Township LCI Chairperson says that they are concerned that the number of the witchdoctors who are coming mainly from Masindi district to illegally settle in the area has gone up. He said their bylaw prohibits the witchcraft activities and they have already launched an operation to weed out the witchdoctors who he said will be arrested and handed over to police.

According to Uhuru, the operation against these witchdoctors there has jeopardized security and caused and increase in domestic violence cases as married women who go to seek help from them end up being raped.

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Cue out: … bedo ibusiness center.”//


“According to our bylaw, witchdoctors are prohibited from operating their activities in our area, but to our dismay we have seen them pinning their adverts in public places, we have already launched an operation to crack down their operation”

In December last year police at Kwania CPS arrested a 38 year old Masindi based witch doctor for defiling a 16 year old minor.  Dr John Agwau, was arrested at Kwania Guest House in Aduku town council after he had for long been keeping the minor in a lodge. "Dr." John Agwau and the father "Dr" Papu Musana arrest came a week after they were dismissed by the local leaders.

Jeroline Angom, a resident of Aduku Township Cell says despite the fact some suspects were arrested none of them has been prosecuted saying that they have lost trust in the police. She claims that all the suspects are always released on police and court bond.

Edith Basalirwa, Kwania District Police Commander dismisses claims that police is not handling the cases of the witchdoctors to conclusion. Basalirwa says that police has always done what is required of them in accordance with the law.