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Alebtong, Kapelebyong to Share Road Equipment :: Uganda Radionetwork

Alebtong, Kapelebyong to Share Road Equipment

Kapelebyong district carved out of Amuria in 2018 is struggling to open and maintain roads due to a lack of road equipment.
DK Odongo and Francis Akorikin at Oditel in Kapelebyong district.

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Alebtong district has offered to help Kapelebyong district with road equipment to help improve the road network. 

The district carved out of Amuria in 2018 is struggling to open and maintain roads due to a lack of road equipment. Except for major roads under the Uganda National Roads Authority- UNRA, most of the roads under the district and Sub County are appalling. The situation has been made worse with the recent rains that cut off some of the roads. 

In some instances, the poor state of roads has led to the loss of lives as people attempt to cross flooded roads and in bridges of Okere, Ajeleik and Acinga, among others. Some mothers have delivered on the roadsides and others resorted to Traditional Birth Attendants. 

David Kennedy Odongo, the Alebtong LCV Chairperson has come to the rescue of Kapelebyong district. He says that he is going to offer the road equipment and any other support needed by the district to improve the road infrastructure.

According to Odongo, says that there is a need to help the new district improve the roads since residents from Alebtong cross into Kapelebyong to conduct businesses. 

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Francis Akorikin, the Kapelebyong LCV Chairperson wants the central government to have special consideration for the new district. He notes that the district’s annual budget cannot is inadequate to fund the maintenance of roads or hire road equipment. 

At the moment, Okungur, Acinga and parts of Kapelebyong and Acowa sub-counties have been cut off by floods. According to Akorikin, the district is stuck on how to help the communities in the affected areas. 

On Friday, the State Minister for Works, Musa Ecweru visited the district and promised to have road issues addressed soon. Ecweru, who was supervising road works at Ajeleik Bridge, also visited Acinga Bridge which has been appalling for more than a decade.