Alur, Acholi Hit Back at Bagungu Over Tilenga Oil Project

Anthony Odia, elder in Nwoya warns the Bagungu against tribal sentiments saying they could spark off conflicts.
19 Nov 2018 17:56
Nwoya District Chairperson (R) consults his woman MP, Lilian Adong at the Tilenga ESIA public hearing held at Gwotapwoyo Primary School in Nwoya

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Some leaders in Acholi and Alur have hit back at their counterparts in Bulisa blasted over the suggestion to rename Tilenga oil.

Bulisa MP, Stephen Muktale Birahwa backed by the Bagungu Community Association Chairperson, Dr. Enoch Bigirwa las week asked that Total Exploration Uganda should immediately rename the project to Tilenga-Bungungu.

But the suggestion is being rejected by the leaders from the Alur, Jonam and Acholi. They suggest that the Tilenga should be maintained.

In interview with URN, the Bagungu leaders were asked to refrain from statements that are seemingly politicizing or raising tribal sentiments around oil in the Albertine. 

Nwoya district Chairperson, Patrick Okello Oryema asked Bulisa MP, Steven Mukitale to apologise and unconditionally withdraw the demand to have the project name changed.

////Cue In “Tillenga is good….

Cue Out…. they are sidelining other Banyoro”////  

Robert Steen Omito, Packwac District Chairperson cautioned against tribal and tribalization of the oil projects. He said some Alur in Bulisa have indicated that reported that is an effort to marginalize their communities. 

Anthony Odia, elder in Nwoya warns the Bagungu against tribal sentiments saying they could spark off conflicts.

///Cue in “We are going to pray……

Cue Out……God to stop the fuel”///

The idea of naming the project Tilenga was to avoid conflicts among the tribes where the mega oi project is located.

The controversy of the Tilenga project name was again raised at a public hearing at Gwotaafwoyo Primary school in Nwoya where hundreds of people from Nwoya and Packwach gathered to give views on the Environmental and Social Impact Assessment for the project to be developed by Total.

State Minister for Minerals, Peter Lokeris said the argument over the naming of the project should be not become a dividing. Lokeris said the project will cease to to be once the developments is complete. 

There are plans to develop six production oil fields under the Tilenga project in Bulisa and Nwoya districts. Four hundred wells will be drilled from 34 well pad locations. A central Professing Facility will also be constructed in Ngwedo Sub country in Bulisa.