Amai Community Hospital Up for Auction

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Through his lawyer of Daniel Omara Atubo of Amara Atubo and Co. Advocates, Olum sued the administrators of the hospital and Dr. Patrick Buchan Ocen, the medical superintendent for general and special damages.
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Amai Community Hospital is on the verge of being auctioned for alleged failure to compensate Albert Olum Osako, 37, a resident of Lira City who was knocked by the hospital ambulance. On September 16th, 2021, the hospital ambulance registration number UAJ 001Y knocked Olum who was carrying Isaac Waca on motorcycle registration no_ UDT 027W.

Waca died on the spot while Olum sustained serious injuries.  Through his lawyer of Daniel Omara Atubo of Amara Atubo and Co. Advocates, Olum sued the administrators of the hospital and Dr. Patrick Buchan Ocen, the then Medical Superintendent for general and special damages. He also asked the court to award Olum Shillings 50million as costs of the suit.

In August 2020, the Lira High court Judge Alex Mackay Ajiji ruled in favour of the applicant and awarded him Shillings 300 million in general damages and Shillings 28.9M as special damages at an interest rate of 8% per annum until full payment. He also awarded Olum Shillings 50M as costs of the suit. Following the judgment, the complainant has gone ahead to advertise the hospital for public action on grounds that the administration is unwilling to compensate him. 

Olum’s lawyer, Daniel Omara Atubo has lashed at the hospital management for being big-headed, a reason they have place a caveat on Amai’s land title.  

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Cue out: … a caveat.”// 


“We started our negotiations with them a long time ago and if they had paid Osako even just 50 million shillings in the last five years everything would be okay now because the boy only needed money for treatment. I do not know what is wrong with the administration of Amai Hospital because they keep arguing for no reason. And now they cannot use their land title because we have put on it a caveat injunction.”  

According to Omara, auctioning the hospital is their last resort to ensure his the client is compensated.

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“The intention to sell the hospital is our last resort because they do not want to pay Olum. A t the moment they have only one month to pay Olum or else we shall sell the hospital but in case the buyer gives us more money, we shall take approximately 400M and give them the remaining balance.”

The hospital lawyer, Daniel Odongo of Okwi and Co. Advocates, says that they have appealed against the judgment seeking to block the auction.  

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He, however, acknowledged the fact that the court order must be respected, saying the applicant has to benefit from the ruling.

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Similarly, Emmanuel Ongebo, the Chief Executive Officer of the Hospital, says that they are waiting for the decision from their appeal.

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Cue out: … are waiting for.”//

Some of the people who receive medical care at the hospital are not happy with the proposed auction. Anna Aboko, a patient who has spent the last three months in the hospital nursing injuries she sustained in a domestic brawl, says that she is alive because of the hospital and it should not be sold.

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Bonny Ocen, a resident of Abeja Sub County in Amolatar District wondered what will happen to the clients of Amai Hospital if it is sold since it’s the only hospital in the District. Agnes Orech, another patient argued that Amai Hospital is still the best in the District despite it being a little expensive compared to other lower facilities.

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Cue out: … ame tye Amolatar.”//

Omara Atubo however, says the court of appeal will not help the hospital since the complainant is now a disabled man. Located in Amai village, Adonyimo parish Amolatar District, Amai Community Hospital is the only Referral Hospital treating about 50,000 patients annually. 

It is also the only hospital in the district providing maternal services. In a month, the hospital serves approximately 300 patients in the Outpatient Department- OPD and between 100 and 120 In-patients.  

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