AMISOM Chief Condemns Al-Shabab, Mourns With Uganda

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The Special Representative of the African Union Commission SRCC for Somalia, Ambassador Maman Sidikou has condemned the al-shabab attack on Ugandan troops deployed to Africa Union Mission in Somalia.
Deputy Cheif of Defence Forces General Angina Inspects Ugandan troops in Somalia
 The Special Representative of the African Union Commission( SRCC) for Somalia, Ambassador Maman Sidikou has condemned the Al-Shabab attack on Ugandan troops under the Africa Union Mission in Somalia(AMISOM)

Ambassador Maman Sidikou  also the head of Africa Union Mission in Somalia also describes the attack as  reprehensible. He praised the heroism of the peacekeepers who were killed during the attack noting that they have paid a worthy price while serving the people of Somalia.

He commiserates with the government and people of Uganda on the losses suffered during this heinous attack. The African Union Mision in Somalia in a statement confirmed that Janaale, Lower Shabelle Region in Somalia came under attack from Al-Shabaab militants.

The statement said the militants used a car loaded with explosives to trigger the attack and to facilitate their forced entry into the camp after which they engaged its soldiers in a gun-battle. It says although AMISOM troops undertook a tactical withdrawal following the initial vehicle borne explosive attack, they had since consolidated and regained full control of the base.

Lt Col Paul Njuguna, AMISOM Spokesperson, said in the statement that given the complex nature of the attack, AMISOM was still currently verifying the number of casualties and extent of the damage.

Emerging information from war-torn Somalia indicated that five bodies have so far been returned to the African Union Military basethat was attacked by Al-Shabab militant group on Tuesday morning.  Information from sources in Somalia indicates that twelve soldiers were critically injured following the attack. 

The injured were reportedly due to be airlifted to Nairobi Kenya for treatment.  It is feared that most of the killed soldiers were from Uganda since the overrun base was mainly run by Ugandan troops. The base according to sources may have had about one hundred soldiers. 

The al-Shabab claimed it had killed over 70 African Union Soldiers following a Tuesday early morning attack on the detach. The militants are feared to have overrun the camp taking off with ammunition.  The attack on Ugandan troops comes just four days after Deputy Chief of Defense Forces  Lt Gen. Charles Angina had visited and inspected troops at key installations and grounds of tactical importance to the UPDF troops serving under AMISOM and United Nations Guard Unit in Somalia.

Angina who visited the troops on 29th August had  commended the troops for the noble role they were e playing alongside other partners towards pacifying Somalia and encouraged the troops to uphold the values of the force and mission.

He had challenged the troops to maintain vigilance, combat readiness, embrace intelligence-led operations and enhance civil cooperation in order to consolidate the gains so far scored in the fight against Al Shabaab.

Gen Angina was also  in Somalia to assess the force\'s morale and level of combat readiness in performing their duties in AMISOM and United Nations Guard Force.He was also there  to address issues of their facilitation.

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