Amolatar Leaders Decry Being Sidelined in Enforcement of Fishing Ban

Currently, a 28 feet recommended boat size is being built by Kyalimba Construction Company at Bangaladesh landing site in Namasale sub county. 56 out of the 846 boats expected for the start are already furnished.

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Amolatar district leaders are concerned that they have been side-lined from enforcement of the fishing ban on Lake Kyoga.

The fish ban has been in existence since last year when leaders had resolved to impose it for only two months. This was aimed at allowing the Uganda People Defense Forces Fisheries Protection Unit to fight illegal fishing activities and restore fish stock.

However, the District leaders are not happy saying they have been left out in the entire processes of enforcing the ban.

Simon Peter Ongom, the District LCV chairperson, says that side-lining the local leaders of the area would indicate that there is something wrong going on.

Ongom believes that fighting illegal fishing activities is not a bad idea but the area local leaders must be involved in the process.

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Jolly Joe Opio, the Amolatar District Speaker argues that their position as district leaders on the activities in the lake activities is unknown saying they have nothing to present to the community.

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Opio also re-echoed the need to open the landing sites for fishing activities. He says that local revenue collection has greatly been affected after fish farming was halted.

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Francis Ojok, the District Production and Marketing Officer say community members are demanding for information about the entire process which information they do not have because they have been side-lined.

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Meanwhile Julius K. Ankunda, the FPU Commander blamed the gap on some leaders whom he said de-campaigned their fight against illegal fishing within their communities.

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However, Tony Otunga, the District Fisheries Officer revealed that a meeting which took place last week resolved to have a team comprising of the District leaders and the FPU to monitor the entire processes geared towards resuming fishing activities in Amolatar District. 

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