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Amudat Public Services Paralyzed as Evicted Sabiny Staff Stay Away :: Uganda Radionetwork

Amudat Public Services Paralyzed as Evicted Sabiny Staff Stay Away

A spot check by URN in the Pokot Girls Secondary School found that of 19 teaching staff, ten who belong to Sabiny community had fled to their ancestral homes and never returned back despite the directive from the district officials.
Local leaders, Joint security forces and the Pokot community during a consultative meeting in Karita Town Council

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Authorities in Amudat district are struggling to provide social services to its people as evicted civil servants from the Sabiny community fail to resume work.

On 14th February, the Pokot resolved to flush out people belonging to the Sabiny community living in Amudat district. The move was in retaliation to Sabiny leaders resolution to chase away Pokot herdsmen who crossed to their land to graze livestock.

In the turn of events, the district security committee convened an emergency meeting and resolved that all the civil servants who had fled should resume work on 20th February. As of Tuesday, no staff had reported back work despite orders from the district authorities.

A spot check by our reporter in the Pokot Girls Secondary School found out that the 19 teaching staff,  ten of the teachers who belong to Sabiny community had already fled to their ancestral homes and never returned back as per the directive from the district officials.

But Brighton Kaptumon, one of Sabiny students in Pokot Girls Secondary School noted that the eviction did not affect them in regard to their continued presence in Amudat  and they are peacefully coexisting with the Pokot students.

Kaptumon said that there has been no serious learning at school since a half of the teachers fled following the threats by the Pokot community.

He noted that they used to attend five lessons in a day but now it has been reduced to one and sometimes no studies at all.

Patricia Masau, another student revealed that they are spending their time revising books and sometimes do general cleaning at the school.

Masau observed that although there are some few teachers who remained at school, there are  classes going on due to low morale to teach.

She expressed her worries that they are more likely to perform poorly if the situation is not addressed because the teachers will be emotionally tortured and living in fear while executing their duty.

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Daniel Ekoriye Kuya, the deputy head teacher of Pokot Girls Secondary School acknowledged they have nineteen teachers and among them ten belong to the Sabiny community.

Kuya noted that all the Sabiny teachers left on Friday leaving the school stranded with learners without lessons. Kuya added that the news of eviction took him by surprise and had thought the missing teachers had gone for the weekend since it was a Friday.

He said that the school is stuck and they have urged the students to stay calm and ensure they revise their books until the situation normalizes.

Kuya also noted that the resolution did not affect the students who are Sabiny and they are peacefully coexisting with the Pokot children.

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Emmanuel Oyuku Ocen, the Chief Administrative Officer of Amudat district observed that a total number of 79 technical staff who left have not yet returned despite repeated calls for them to resume work.

Ocen said that the health and education sectors are the most affected since the majority of staff were from the Sabiny community.

He cited that there are some health facilities that are run by only Sabiny health workers and since they left all the services have been halted.

Ocen stated that several calls have been made to convince the Sabiny to come back but all in vain, yet the community is in dire need of social services.

Ocen said they want to draw up a commitment that will ensure the safety of the Sabiny staff and send it across the Sebei subregion assuring the scareds staff of their security when they return.

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George Owanyi, the Amudat District Resident Commissioner, said that they are currently engaging the Pokot community to consider allowing the Sabiny community to return as they look forward to addressing the conflict between the two warring communities.

Owanyi revealed that none of the staff has returned despite his orders, an indication that the Sabiny community are still afraid for their safety.

Owanyi observed that the decision by Pokot to flush out the Sabiny community has crippled the service delivery both at the local government and private sector.

Owanyi noted that the conflict is being fueled by the top leadership from both sides of the two communities.  He added that the District Security Committee is exploring all avenues of ensuring that peace prevails between the Pokot and Sabiny as they coexist together.

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Francis Chemusto, the Mt Moroto Regional Police Commander, emphasized that the services must be delivered to the people as they work hard to resolve the conflict. He noted that it would be awkward to deny innocent children school and treatment to the patients because of simple issues which require mutual understanding.

Chemusto warned that denying the community social services will worsen the situation and as security they cannot allow that to continue when there are possible means of resolving the conflict.

Chemusto urged the Amudat authorities to engage the staff who fled to return as soon as possible and continue with their work while peace dialogues go on.

He called upon the local leaders from both sides to desist from blame games but rather create developmental ideas which can build the peace between the two communities.

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On Monday, the district leadership of Amudat, with the joint security forces and the community convened at Karita town council to discuss the way forward in addressing the conflict between the two communities. However the meeting did not yield results as the community requested for more consultative engagements to find better measures to permanently end the conflict.