Amuru LC5 Vice Chairman Registered as a Ghost Teacher

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The Amuru LC5 vice chairperson, Justine Lungajul, is to be arrested for registering as a teacher and receiving salary every month from Gulu district.

A report from the Ministry of Local Government, sent to the Gulu district authorities, indicates that Lungajul has been on the payroll of Ongako Seed Secondary School since July 2007. He has received 7.2 million shillings in salary from the school since then.

A corresponding letter from the acting Headmaster of Ongako Seed Secondary School says Lungajul only reported to the school on February 17th 2009 saying he could not work because he was on sick leave.

The law forbids elected officials from earning salaries civil service jobs. Anyone found guilty of this offense can be sentenced to a minimum of three years in jail and dismissal from office.

The Accountant General, G.O.L Bwoc, has directed the Gulu Chief Administrative Officer to recover all the money Lungaluj has received as a ghost teacher. He also instructs the police to investigate and prosecute the Amuru councilor for his crime.

Johnson Kilama, the northern regional police spokesman, says investigations have begun and Lungajul will be summoned for questioning.

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