Anite: PM Mbabazi Intended to Sign Resolution for Museveni Candidature

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Northern Youth MP and NRM Publicist Anite Evelyn explains why Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi\'s name did not appear among the first to sign a resolution urging President Yoweri Museveni to be sole party flagbearer for the 2016 presidential elections.
Resolution mover Evelyn Anite (right) and Deputy Party Whip David Bahati
I write to clarify the wrong impression and insinuations created in the wider sections of the media that the RT Hon PM Amaama Mbabazi and Secretary General of NRM did not sign the caucus resolution that was unanimously passed to urge H.E the President to offer himself as an NRM flag bearer for 2016.


 While it is true that by the time i moved the motion, the RT HON PM had not signed just like other seconders (H.E VP among others) hadn’t signed at that time, the Rt HON Amaama Mbabazi together with his H.E the Vice President, signed and seconded the motion. They appended their signatures as number 202 and 201 respectively. Meanwhile the number of seconders grew from 190 by the time of moving the motion to now 208. Finally, the session chairperson Hon Ruhakana Rugunda put a question and the motion was unanimously passed.


The Rt. Hon Prime Minister, did not only sign to second the motion, but also spoke passionately in support. He said" I have worked with President Museveni for a long time, he knows me very well and I also know him. He was a good leader in the liberation war, and he is also a very good leader in peace and stability, and it’s very rare to have such a leader. And as i have always said and i wish to repeat; Africa's problem is leadership. When therefore in Africa, you have a good leader, you don’t let go easily. Rumours that have been going around about me are not true. I obviously support   President Museveni and the Motion."


He further noted and cautioned that, '' There are many forces outside who would want to see division in NRM. They have realised that NRM is solid and not easy to defeat and have for a while resolved to disorganise it from within. Members should therefore take caution. I support the motion and it will be forwarded to the appropriate party organs whose duty it is to choose a presidential flag bearer"


H.E the President while concluding, advised NRM leaders to always be diligent to the assignments given to them and then allow their own performance to stand out for others to see and appreciate. That this has been their long tested doctrine of the struggle. That it becomes automatic for any leader to be rewarded by the people with promotion if he/she serves diligently. He thus discouraged NRM leaders from wasting time scheming for personal ambition. He welcomed the resolution in the context of party cohesion and welcomed the young people for launching another new phase of the resistance.


Anite Evelyn, Northern Youth MP and NRM Publicist