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Ankole Diocese Launches First Year of Men :: Uganda Radionetwork

Ankole Diocese Launches First Year of Men

Muhwezi stated that unlike the Father's Union which focuses more on married men, the Year of Men Program will cater for all males regardless of marital status.
Men and Boys Converge at All saints Church to start the walk before the launch of Men's year for Ankole Diocese

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Ankole diocese has launched the year of Men and called on men to return to church.  


Preaching at the launch, Prof Rt Rev Sheldon Mwesigwa the Bishop Ankole Diocese said that the church has noticed that many men are facing significant challenges such as unemployment, debt, and domestic violence, which have led some of them to prison and others escaping from their homes.     


He said in response, the synod resolved to focus on men this year and bring them together to find solutions to these issues by providing support to help men overcome the obstacles they are facing.


According to Mwesigwa, they have devised additional programs such as counseling seminars, training workshops, and sessions to train men on how to manage their households and look after their children, especially the boy child. 


He called on the government to collaborate with the church and develop policies that would aid in improving the quality of life for young boys.   


  //Cue in: “Men are an… 

Cue out: …child and men.”//    



//Cue in: “kureeba ngu twaganira…

Cue out: …aboojo na basheija.”//           

Joab Muhwezi, the President of Fathers’ Union Ankole Diocese, called for cooperation among clergy to effectively deliver the message to men and boys in rural areas, particularly those who don't attend church.  


//Cue in: “What are we…. 

Cue out: …into our communities.”//


The Mbarara City Commissioner, James Mwesigye, advised men to step out of their comfort zones and expand their knowledge. He criticized men for contributing to the problems they face at home, citing examples such as alcoholism, lack of cooperation with their wives, and even selling off property.   


//Cue in: “aha nshonga zabantu…

Cue out: …abasheija twesirwe amarwa.”//



Muhwezi stated that unlike the Fathers' Union which focuses more on married men, the Men's Year Program will cater to males of all marital statuses and boys.  

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