Anti-Riot Police Deploys for Kabaka's Bunyoro Visit

There is heavy deployment of Anti-riot police in Ndaiga Kibaale district as the Kabaka of Buganda visits the area.
The deployment is in response to fears over an outpouring of emotions by the original inhabitants and Baganda immigrants in Ndaiga.
The Pro-Bunyoro pressure group is planning a demonstration to denounce the proposed visit of Kabaka Mutebi to the region. The inhabitants of Bunyoro accuse Baganda immigrants of grabbing their land.
Diana Nandaula, mid western region police spokesperson says fears are rife that such emotions if uncontrolled could spark off anti-Buganda sentiments and spiral into violence.
Bunyoro Kingdom, announced plans to stage a peaceful demonstration on Friday, the day when the Kabaka is expected to tour the region.
Deep divisions still loom large between the conservative Banyoro and the Baganda Loyalists.