Archbishop Ntagali Bans Political Campaigning In Church

Archbishop Stanley Ntagali also discourages churches from organizing fundraising during the campaign period, saying politicians may use this to take advantage of the church.
Archbishop Ntagali advises the church to stay away from politics.

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The Archbishop of the Church of Uganda, Stanley Ntagali has told church leaders not to allow political candidates to campaign in the church. He says the church is a neutral place for all people regardless of their political affiliations.

Archbishop Ntagali was addressing journalists in Mvara, Arua Municipality after concluding his pastoral visit in Madi and West Nile Diocese. According to him, allowing politicians to campaign in church affects its neutrality and core mission to serve all.

//Cue In: “Our politicians………..

Cue Out:……in the church”.//

It is here that he discourages fundraising activities during time for political campaigns, urging politicians may take advantage of the church to infiltrate it.

//Cue In: “Some such leaders………..

Cue Out:……minimize fundraisings”.//

Ntagali was reacting to claims that some churches were allowing politicians to campaign in church. 

The decision to bar politics from the church had earlier been reached by the Inter-Religious Council of Uganda, saying politics should not be allowed into religion. The council asked all religious leaders interested in politics to resign from church activity and join politics instead of being seen to be partisan.

During his pastoral visit to the region, Ntagali called on church leaders to intensify on preaching and teaching obedience to God, in order to fight modern ills of materialism, witchcraft, homosexuality, among others.