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Archbishop Ssemogerere Urges Christians to Extend Good Deeds Beyond Lenten Season :: Uganda Radionetwork

Archbishop Ssemogerere Urges Christians to Extend Good Deeds Beyond Lenten Season

Archbishop Ssemogerere emphasized the need for individuals to avoid sinful behavior and embrace a life guided by principles of self-discipline and Christian values

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Archbishop of Kampala His Grace Paul Ssemogerere has emphasized the importance of continuing acts of kindness and righteousness beyond the Lenten period.

Archbishop Ssemogerere made the remarks while giving his homily during Easter mass at Lubaga Cathedral. He said that while Easter marks a joyous occasion, the conclusion of Lent should not signal an end to the pursuit of virtuous living.

During the Lenten period, lasting 40 days excluding Sundays, believers participate in fasting, prayer, and charitable deeds, embodying values of selflessness and compassion. Throughout this time, many Christians uphold their highest moral standards and refrain from engaging in negative behaviors, actions, and habits.

Archbishop Ssemogerere emphasized the need for individuals to avoid sinful behavior and embrace a life guided by principles of self-discipline and Christian values. He encouraged believers to rise above negativity and cultivate a mindset reflective of their identity as resurrected people. 

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Ssemogerere also called upon the faithful to remain steadfast in their commitment to living virtuously and upholding the teachings of their faith by setting their sights on the values and beliefs that define them as Christians. 

He said that believers can continue to make a positive impact in their communities and beyond, echoing the timeless message of love, compassion, and redemption heralded by Easter.

The Archbishop urged Christians to use the occasion of Easter for deep reflection on societal challenges plaguing the nation. He highlights the prevalence of vices such as corruption, intolerance, gun violence, land grabbing, and various injustices that threaten the fabric of society.

While giving their Easter message, prelates from church of Uganda, Catholic Church and the Orthodox Church under the Uganda joint Christian council also preached against the same vices highlighting their hindrance to faithful living and socioeconomic progress.

Drawing from the resurrection teachings of Christ, Archbishop Ssemogerere urged believers to reject such harmful behaviors. He stressed the importance of standing against injustices and embracing righteousness and social accountability as followers of the risen Lord.

By leveraging the symbolic significance of Easter as a time of renewal and transformation, Archbishop Ssemogerere encouraged Christians to become agents of positive change in their communities. Through collective action and unwavering commitment to justice, believers can contribute to the realization of a more equitable and compassionate society, embodying the principles of love and righteousness exemplified by the Easter story.

Emily Kitto Mwaka, the newly appointed head of laity in Kampala archdiocese, stressed the significance of assisting those less fortunate during the Easter season and beyond. She urged those who are more privileged to extend a helping hand to the less fortunate, ensuring they have a meaningful Easter and ongoing support beyond the holiday period.

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Addressing the congregation, John Chrysostom Muyingo, the State Minister for Higher Education, issued a call to church leaders and the faithful across Uganda, urging them to distance themselves from individuals implicated in corruption.

He pointed out a concerning trend where members of the public often welcome and praise individuals accused of corruption, despite their purported stance against such misconduct. Minister Muyingo stressed the importance of consistent actions aligning with anti-corruption principles, urging the church community to stand firm in rejecting corruption-tainted figures.

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The minister's remarks come at a time when Uganda continues to grapple with the pervasive issue of corruption, which undermines development efforts and erodes public trust in institutions. With corruption posing a significant challenge to the nation's progress.

Muyingo also emphasized that while poverty remains a significant challenge in Uganda, citizens should take advantage of various government programs aimed at alleviating poverty. Additionally, he called upon the church to actively engage in development projects that not only benefit the faithful but also serve as platforms for evangelism and attracting youth back to the church, where they can receive guidance and support.

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Meanwhile, In Kampala, despite mid-morning rain the faithful persevered to attend Easter Masses. With churches filled to capacity, many gathered on verandas to join the celebrations. However, for vendors selling sacramentals at various Catholic churches, it was a challenging day, with sales minimal and some unable to display their merchandise due to the rain.

Christians globally commemorate the conclusion of Holy Week and rejoice in Easter, reflecting on the resurrection of Jesus Christ, as described in sacred texts, where he was crucified, died, and rose from the dead after three days. For certain denominations, such as Catholics, Easter festivities continue for seven additional days, concluding on the following Sunday, known as the Easter octave.

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